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God of Israel

One of the biggest things I have pondered this week is how God and His Son lead those who let God prevail in their lives. Share favorite songs about God leading Israel and about submitting our will to the will of the Father and the Son. Watch it here or View on Facebook
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Encircled in Love

This weekend my family is watching general conference, a biannual gathering of disciples of Christ to hear the word of the Lord from apostles and prophets. The theme this week is songs that help you feel the love of God in your life. Can't wait to see you! View on Facebook

The Creator

We believe that Heavenly Father is the Architect of our world and the life upon it, and that Jesus Christ is the Creator. We'd love to play hymns that celebrate their roles and the priceless gift of this lovely Earth. 🙂 Watch it here or View on Facebook

One Fold, One Shepherd

Because CJ is playing in the worldwide devotional with Elder Rasband Sunday night, we are starting an hour early. It will be a little bit different this week. To coincide with Come, Follow Me, instead of taking requests CJ will be playing through One Fold, One Shepherd. Watch it here or  View on Facebook